Our Mission…

Here at Blue Ocean Dermatology we are committed to providing comprehensive and unparalleled dermatologic care in a welcoming and engaging environment. We strive to make each patient experience unique by combining superior patient safety and privacy standards in treating dermatologic and cosmetic concerns. We combine the best of the art of medicine with the latest advances in research and technology in formulating individualized treatment plans to achieve a unique, desired and aesthetically-pleasing result. Placing the patient first at all times in all aspects.

As a patient of ours, you’ll have a close, personal relationship with your community dermatology providers, who have the training, experience, and expertise necessary to meet all your skincare needs, whether you need relief from a medical condition or are looking into cosmetic dermatology. In rare cases where additional expertise may be necessary, you’ll also be able to take advantage of your providers’ access to a wide network of nationally-recognized dermatologists to provide you with the specialized care you deserve.

Our Providers

Jason Welch - APRN
Jason Welch - APRNCEO
Nitra Welch - APRN
Nitra Welch - APRN Owner
Michael Murchland, M.D.
Michael Murchland, M.D.Dermatopathologist
Michael McGriff, M.D.
Michael McGriff, M.D.Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgeon & Advanced Laser Specialist
Seema Apichai, M.D., FCAP
Seema Apichai, M.D., FCAPDermatopathologist
Richard Levine, M.D.
Richard Levine, M.D.
Jeffrey DeMercurio, M.D.
Jeffrey DeMercurio, M.D.Plastic Surgeon
Paul Giles, M.D.
Paul Giles, M.D.Plastic Surgeon
Elizabeth McRae, M.D.
Elizabeth McRae, M.D.Cosmetic & Bellafill Specialist
Christina Morales, APRN
Christina Morales, APRN
Alexis Fasone, PA-C
Alexis Fasone, PA-C
America Seach, PA-C
America Seach, PA-C
Gloria Cisnero
Gloria CisneroAesthetician
Indira Toutounchian
Indira ToutounchianAesthetician